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Share Favorite Blog Tools and Widgets via Twitter! February 2, 2008

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For the Blogging4Educators EVO session, Week Four will be devoted to making your blog unique. BlogEd08 has just sent a Tweet asking for people to respond with their favorite blog tools or widgets. Please help us out by responding to @BlogEd08 on Twitter, and by spreading the request to your network if possible. We will compile the responses and include them in an upcoming post for Blogging4Educators. In this way, we hope to introduce participants to many tools and widgets to make their blogs unique and also to demonstrate the usefulness of Twitter. Thanks for your help!

Update on February 10, 2008: I have finished gathering responses for the Twitter poll, and have written a blog post summarizing the results.  (This was really challenging for me since I’m not so familiar with working with images this much!)  Find the post on the Blogging4Educators session blog  Tools we Love!


2 Responses to “Share Favorite Blog Tools and Widgets via Twitter!”

  1. Patricia Glogowski Says:

    Fantastic use of Twitter for professional development and connecting people interested in the same thing, Mary! Will be following you closely…

  2. MaryH Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    Thank you so much! It was really interesting to explore Twitter in this way for the Blogging4Educators session. The results of our Twitter poll can be found on our session blog at

    Wish I had more time to follow SMiELT closely!!

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